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Life is short. While we are on this earth, I truly believe it's our job to live the biggest and best life we can with the people that we love most.

Do more. Be more. Love more. 

That's the mission I live & that I want to help others create in their own lives.


My online wellness business helps me fulfill this by empowering others to take control of their lives physically, mentally, & financially. 

I show you how to do this, but you have to put in the effort. You have to practice self discipline. You have to change some of your daily habits.


But, you will quickly see these changes are worth it. 


You will feel energized. You will feel confident. You will feel ALIVE & IN LOVE with your life. 


I was the girl who was buried in self doubt & hatred. I was the girl that looked in the mirror only to hate what I saw. I was the girl who came home from night every night to ask myself, "Is this really it..?". I was the girl in a substantial amount of student loan debt & financial hardships.


But now through the grace of God and my essential systems, I'm the girl who has it all.  

If He can change my life, he can change your life too. I promise that the hard work is worth it.


Whether you want to find food freedom while hitting your weight loss goals or whether you want to build a business from home (or both!), I'm ready to help you succeed.


Let me know how I can help you dream big, & then we'll live big - together!


Xoxo - Ruth Shrauner

Ruth Shrauner
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Results vary based on starting point and effort. Results achieved over months using Beachbody programs with Shakeology and Beachbody performance supplements.

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Worthy women

In 2014, I enrolled in an online fitness accountability group to lose 10lbs. I went in thinking about everything I wanted to lose... weight, fat, stomach pudge, thick thighs. I never once thought about what I wanted to gain.


I gained way more than I lost...I gained:

  • A community of women encouraging me to be my best.

  • A sense of self confidence that I never knew possible.

  • True self love. The REAL kind that takes away jealousy, cattiness, and hate towards other women.

  • A belief in who I was, my gifts, and the potential I had to accomplish big things in life.


I came into this fitness world thinking it was all about the external transformation. But I learned that the weight, the fat, the pudge... those things they don't make you anymore or less valuable of a human being. Those things meant nothing unless I gave them power to mean something. I decided that my body or shape, didn't define my worth. Don't give your physical attributes that power.


You're value and worth to the world lies within your mind. It lies within your belief as to who you are and the amazing gifts you have to give to the world. And trust me, you have amazing gifts to give to the world. But you have to choose to look inside yourself to find them, to own them, to share them, and to know that

- being you, no matter your shape or size,  is enough. -


Ruth's team of women

Meet Ruth

Ruth Shrauner

Small-town girl turned Instructional Designer turned Online Wellness Coach who helps other women reach their fitness, nutrition, business & life goals! 

Learn more about my journey to becoming a successful and driven entrepreneur here!

xoxo Ruth

Ruth's team of women
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