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A Monumental Success Story

It's funny when someone comes into your life with the belief that you are going to help them, but in the end it's actually that person that helps you. That's exactly what this Challenger did for me.

This individual participated in one of my first challenge groups. At the time I was a new coach and I didn't even realize the impact that Coaches could have on their Challengers. Lucky for me, this individual helped me realize how big of a role that we could play in the lives of our Challengers.

It was this young lady that taught me that coaching isn't about helping people lose weight or get fit. She helped me realize that coaching is about helping people believe in themselves. It's about instilling a sense of confidence in individuals who may not have it otherwise. It's about telling someone they CAN when all they can say is they CAN'T. And, it's learning how to lead a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

I'm beyond thankful that this young lady shared her story with me because it changed my life more than she'll ever know. Check out her story:

"I've been on and off a diets ever since 9th grade when I thought being more than 100lbs meant I was overweight. I've killed myself working in the gym, but never followed up with the nutrition. I've focused on diet, but never for long. This plan has taught me so much and has allowed me to really focus on what I was doing wrong because I didn't have to focus on measuring food and counting calories! I have never been this fit AND healthy. I feel sexy, I feel confident, and I feel in control of my body and am no longer blaming my love of carbs and cheese for why I can't have what I want! So enough of all that... Here's the run down: Weight lost: 7lbs in 21 days Inches lost: 12.25in in 21 days, incredible!!"

Results vary based on starting point and effort. Results achieved in 21 days using The 21 Day Fix with Shakeology and Beachbody performance supplements.

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