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The All or Nothing Mentality: Throw It in the Trash

I was having dinner with a few friends in NYC last week and they asked me how I stuck to my program even with social engagements, dinners out, and the rest of the typical life stuff.

The thing is that I don't stick to the program during those times. If I'm out with friends or at a BBQ, you'd probably look at me and hate me because I'm happily stuffing my face without a care in the world.

Even when I did the first round of the 21 Day Fix, I had two social events where I splurged on food. I knew those choices might delay me in reaching my goals, but I also knew that I had to be realistic to my lifestyle.

How is it that I can still reach my fitness goals? It's because I have ditched the “all or nothing” mentality. You know - where you ONLY eat healthy foods and the moment you have a SLIVER of something unhealthy then you’ve completed "ruined" your diet? THAT MENTALITY MUST BE THROWN IN THE TRASH.

Why? It’s completely ridiculous to think that you are going to go the rest of your life without eating anything unhealthy. It’s not possible. To put that type of pressure on yourself is setting yourself up for disappointment. And we all know that disappointment leads to guilt, which leads to eating more and that leads to throwing in the towel on your "diet."

Instead of feeling guilty if you eat something unhealthy, FORGET ABOUT IT, and be proud of the other 173 healthy decisions you’ve already made in a single day. You are taking huge steps toward a healthier LIFESTYLE and you should be proud of that. A LIFESTYLE CHANGE means that you consciously know that you will eat unhealthy foods at some point during the duration of your life, so there is no sense in feeling guilty about it if it happens when you are trying to reach your goals.

I’m not telling you to go out and eat unhealthy foods - that’s definitely not what I’m saying. I’m simply saying that you don’t need to beat yourself up if you have one small splurge and you definitely shouldn’t think you’ve ruined all your hard work, because you haven’t. Keep pushing towards your goals.

Results vary based on starting point and effort. Results achieved in years using multiple programs with Shakeology and Beachbody performance supplements.

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