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Am I a Fitness Fanatic?

HMMMM, good question! Are you a tooth brushing fanatic? A showering fanatic? A dish washing fanatic? Chances are that you answered “NO” to all of these questions, BUT you still brush your teeth, shower, or do dishes daily. Why? It is a means to an end! You do it to be clean, healthy, and because you NEED to do it daily, but it doesn’t mean you are obsessed or even enjoy doing any of these activities! I am NOT a fitness fanatic! You can ask anyone in my Challenge Groups. On a lot of days I have to force myself to workout, especially the past 2 weeks! #postvacation #strugglebus I workout because it: - Helps me maintain my health. - Clears my head and helps me mentally focus. - Makes me feel strong! I love when the bag boy asks if I need help carrying my “heavy” item and I can respond with, “No thank you, Mr. Bag Boy. You can’t see my guns, but I assure you I’m packing heat.” Just kidding, I’d never actually say that to someone, but I might think it! Hehehe! - IT ONLY TAKES 30 MINUTES! -And for some reason Shaun T makes me believe that if I can push through a 30 minute workout I can DO ANYTHING IN LIFE! I apply the same physical strength concepts to the mental battles I face every day!

ROAR! Let’s take on the world!

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