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How My Life Has Changed The Past 23 Weeks

AHHHH, I'M CRAZY EXCITED TO SHARE THIS NEWS!! Next week, I'll be flown to LA to be part of The 21 Day Fix infomercial!! Are you kidding me?! I'm just a girl from Kansas, how is this even happening to me?!?!

I posted this picture on Instagram 23 weeks ago. This was literally the moment I opened my Beachbody box. If I only knew then where it would take me and how it would change my health and life!! Crazy. Overwhelmed. Thankful. I'm so incredibly humbled and honored to be part of this production. This is another way to get the word out about this program and help more people.

I can honestly say that The 21 Day Fix IS life changing (as cliché as that sounds). I've NEVER been this size in my adult life nor did I EVER think I could be this size without starving myself and working out for hours a day. The 21 Day Fix has taught me to focus on what I'm eating, instead of focusing on not eating. I've learned so much about proper nutrition and portion control, and this is coming from someone who THOUGHT they already knew how to "eat healthy."

When I took my before pictures I didn't think I'd see much of a change. I didn't know that my body was even capable of looking like it does now! I've dropped 17lbs, lots of inches, and 2 pant sizes. What is more important is that I’m HEALTHY and I feel fabulous! BUT IT’S NOT JUST ME! I’ve helped other people go through this program and they will tell you the same thing! Thank you Autumn Calabrese & Carl Daikeler for developing a REALISTIC and MAINTAINABLE nutrition-fitness program that teaches people how to eat for life. I’ve yo-yoed with my weight for years, weighing 170lbs at my heaviest. In recent years, I’ve battled with the last 10 lbs, but I battle no more! I’m so thankful to have found this program. And, thank you for allowing me to help other people through 21DF. It has changed me as a person and I’ve found my purpose.

Who knew all those little colorful containers were going to allow me to live my purpose? Life is crazy. Life is good.

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