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The Juvo Empire is a... 2015 7 Star Diamond Elite Top 20 Team!!

Yesterday was incredible - like take my breath away incredible!! My Beachbody team, The Juvo Empire, worked SO hard throughout 2015 to help as many people as possible and yesterday we found out that out of 402,000 other teams (UM, THAT'S A LOT!) The Juvo Empire is a 2015 7 Star Diamond ELITE TOP 20 TEAM!! Out of over 400,000 teams we are #20! WHAT THE WHAT?! TOP 20?!?!!? HOW IS THIS REAL LIFE?! What does that even mean, right?! It means that my SMALL team helped the MOST PEOPLE in 2015 when compared to the other 402,000 teams in the company. That's literally what it means!!!! It means that the coaches on my team all worked together and helped a MASSIVE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE!!! What a HUGE BLESSING these coaches have been to so many people in 2015!!!! At the beginning of this year, I really hadn't even thought about being a TOP team, but it just goes to show that with a lot of hard work, passion, and faith in God ANYTHING can be accomplished!! A huge thank you to my Diamond Leaders. This would not have happened if it wasn't for THEIR LEADERSHIP AND PASSION!! These leaders come from all different backgrounds, but have the same mission to serve others first and build the life of their dreams in doing so!! What's even more amazing is that almost ALL of these coaches have been working this business for less than a year!!!! Jasmin Forman - When she started coaching she had a MILLION things on her plate: four kids, full-time job, four rental properties, one husband's private business duties, youth minister...the list goes on! BUT she made it a priority to grow herself and her business and within 8 months was able to leave her full-time job! Jordan de Flon - The STRONGEST momma I know! She came to me when she was going through what had to have been the hardest time in her life. Her first daughter, who was just a baby, was having heart surgery. Jordan realized how precious time with family was and that she wanted MORE of it! She became a coach and has been building her dream life ever since! Recently, she gave birth to her second daughter and was able to cut back hours at her full-time job to stay home with her babies more! Joy Strickland - She started for the discount... pssshhh! How quickly did that change when she decided to come in and push towards her big dreams?!?! She's been sharing her journey with PCOS and helping so many women in the same situation find control in their health and wellness! She had a full-time job when she started too, but know...she was able to become her own Beachbody boss!!!! Ashley Driver - She is a MOM TO BE! YAY! Ashley started coaching in February and has been determined to leave her mark on the world since day one! Her work ethic AMAZES me! She is a full-time teacher, but her love to educate others transfers to her wildly successful business!! Chassity Bynum - THIS WOMAN IS A FIGHTER!!! A few years back she had a heart attack and knew then that her health had to be her top priority! She took control and started helping others do the same. She's a personal trainer, make-up artist, wife, and mommy who is rocking out her business!! Jaci North - This girl came in with a BANG AND A VISION! She joined us in July and quickly started changing lives!! She is a full-time mom to two little ones! She makes time for her family and for her business! She really does DO IT ALL!!!! Her business is on FIYYYA!!!!! THANK YOU to all my coaches for taking this crazy journey with me, for believing in yourself, and for serving others first! Glory to God, because you know that this is Him. There ain't no other way that we got here.

Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located at for the most recent information on our Coaches' actual incomes.

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