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"I'm pretty sure karma brought all this bad stuff into my life. Somewhere along the way I did some really bad things and now I'm paying the price for it. I'm supposed to live a bad life because of something I did in my past..." - Very special person said this to me last night.

This is how I proceeded to respond: "If I love ya, I'm not going to enable ya."

😬😬😬UMMMMMMMM.... WAIT, WHAT?!?! That's not how life works, buddy.

Let's get a few things straight - If you are wallowing in your circumstances, feeling sorry for yourself about all the bad things that have happened to you lately, but you don't take action...GUESS WHAT? Karma isn't causing anything to happen, YOU are causing it by your decision to CHANGE NOTHING. 🙆Here's the deal, yo... Your life, emotions, body, or financial situation won't just CHANGE on their own. They change because YOU MAKE A CONSCIOUS EFFORT TO CHANGE YOURSELF AND YOUR LIFE. Plain and simple. I'm fired up today! Furthermore, this idea that anyone is meant to have a bad, sad, less than friggin' Rockstar life is DUMB! We were put on this planet to do AMAZING THINGS! Every single person. You, me, your weird great-uncle that you hide from at family reunions - EVERYONE! Everyone has a purpose.

When you live a depressing, sad, life, guess what you bring into the world? MORE SADNESS. MORE DEPRESSION. ANXIETY TO THE LIVES OF THOSE PEOPLE AROUND YOU. That's what people do when they aren't living up to their full potential.

That's how I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that everyone was meant to live an abundant, amazing, happy life. When you live an awesome life, you bring a bunch of friggin' awesome vibes to the people around you each day! And when you have abundance in your life, YOU CAN GIVE SELFLESSLY without worrying about yourself. You can bless people on the daily. It's pretty friggin' cool to live a fabulous life, because it just means that you get to bring more fabulousness into the lives of those around you. 🙆 Yes, this is some tough love, but trust me it comes from a place of love. I want EVERYONE to live the life of their dreams.💜 GET IT?! Good. The Karma talk or "woe is me" talk... it's a bunch of CRAP. 👊 *DROPS THE 🎤*

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