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Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

"There is nothing as powerful as a change in mind... if you don't change your mind the same experience will perpetuate itself over and over again because everything outwardly changed, but nothing inwardly changed." - Unknown

This is one of my all-time favorite quotes.

Sometimes I get stuck in my little positive coach-world bubble, which is wonderful for me --- but then I forget about the challenges that most women face on a daily basis. I was recently reminded of them.

Women talk so negatively about their bodies, about their beauty, and about their potential in life. They focus ALL of their attention on the NEGATIVE, so they get STUCK in the negative. How do you ever expect to change your life or your body into a positive thing if you are CONSTANTLY focusing on everything negative? It WILL NOT HAPPEN if you don't first change your mindset and the way that you talk to yourself every single day.

Think it like this: Let's pretend I gave you a book to learn how to speak Spanish, but instead of using this book you pull out a book about how to speak French. What language are you going to learn? FRENCH of course, because that's what you are focusing on!

It's the same with your health journey. If I give you a plan to follow to learn how to love yourself and transform your body and mindset, but EVERY DAY you get up and look in the mirror and focus on what you despise about yourself instead of focusing on what you love about yourself - what are you going to learn? Are you going to transform yourself? NO. Instead you are going to keep arguing with yourself, telling yourself why you aren't capable and NOTHING WILL CHANGE, because you are NOT focusing on the positive things that you are doing, you are simply dwelling on your negative circumstances.

You will not change your body, until you change your mind. Let's love ourselves a little bit more today, ladies!!

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