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Dear Women of the World,

I did a lot of thinking on the airplane yesterday and these are some of those deep thoughts. Enjoy. Dear Women of the World, Let’s talk. There are a few things I need you to know about this photo.

While I think it’s super cool that I have photos like this, and NEVER in my life did I think that I’d be capable of looking like this, this is not my every day reality. I can’t speak for other “fitness people” who have professional photos, but I can tell you that getting in this type of shape took a lot of work for me.

I don’t look like this today and I won’t look like it tomorrow. Why? To get as lean as possible I followed a strict nutrition regimen for a week before taking these photos. I was also water depleted so that my skin would be as tight as possible and make my muscles pop (not to mention the perfect lighting).

Normally, I have a little bit more "fluff" around my midsection and my thighs have a little more va-va-voom in them. ☺ Dang it. What is my point?

Don’t make this your goal body. Don’t think that this is what I look like every day. My body fluctuates just like yours does based upon what I eat daily. Some days I’m a bit "fluffier," some days I’m a bit leaner. I jiggle when I workout. When I wear baby-size spandex I have to stand just right or my body spills out of the top and bottom of them. It’s called being normal, and there is nothing wrong with that!

If I wanted to look like this photo every day, I probably could, BUT it would be a really sucky way to live. It’d mean that I'd have to give up wine, pizza, cupcakes, and French fries FOREVER (yeah right!). In my opinion, that type of life is no life at all. I need a life of moderation and balance and so do you.

So, set realistic goals. Realize that fitness photos are not realistic and there will always be a little jiggle in your body. And guess what? That’s okay. Love yourself anyway. Xoxo, Ruth

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