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A Few of My FAVORITE Things :)

Here are a few of my favorite things that keep me on track with my health & fitness! 1) My Pampered Chef multi-compartmental container - I wash & cut all my veggies on Sunday and this little booger makes packing my lunch so easy every morning. FYI: They have similar containers at Big Lots & Wal-Mart for half the price! 2) My Athleta headband ($14) - It's super light-weight and doesn't get gross & sweaty when I workout. It's all super thick and doesn't move so it keeps my annoying ginger bangs out of my face. 3) PB2 - OHHEEMMGGGG! Praise baby Jesus for PB2. I love peanut butter, but it's so high in fat that it needs to be eaten in moderation (NOT 1/4 cup per day like I once did). PB2 allows me to have a bit more "peanut butter" with half the fat!

What are your favorite things?! Follow me as on IG or Facebook to learn more about my fav things in the future!

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