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FIT TIP OF THE DAY: Know What De-motivates You!

Sounds backwards, right? It seems like people always focus on finding their motivation, but I think it is equally as important as realizing what de-motivates us!

When we are motivated and everything is going well, we really don’t need to focus on more motivation, because it’s already working for us. But we do need to know what DE-MOTIVATES us!

For me, this use to be the scale! If I stepped on the scale and I didn’t see the number that I wanted, I’d be de-motivated. I’d pretty much just crumble and stop putting in the work all together.

De-motivation is different for everyone. It might be trying on your skinny pants to find that they still don’t fit. It might be the scale. It might be pictures you don’t like of yourself. There could be a ton of things that de-motivate you! The important thing is to realize what it is that de-motivates you AND DON’T DO IT!!!!!! Stop getting on the scale. Stop measuring obsessively. Stop taking pictures. Whatever the demotivator is, don’t do it! Got it?! Good!

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