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Success Isn't Limited to Certain People

After hearing incredible stories about life changing weight loss over the past few days I’m more fired up than ever before about the 21 Day Fix. If you’ve watched my transformation and made comments like, “Well, she doesn’t have kids...” or “She didn’t have a lot to lose to begin with…” or “But she’s young so it is easy…” I’m here to tell you that the people I met this past week make YOUR EXCUSES INVALID. It’s YOUR turn to create your own success story. It’s YOUR TURN to take back control of YOUR HEALTH. It’s YOUR TURN to create the body you’ve always wanted. This week I heard incredible transformation stories from busy moms, morbidly obese individuals, and senior citizens of every age, size, and excuse in between! These people CHOSE to change. They CHOSE to leave their excuses behind and when they did the results were astonishing. First, there is Jeremy. He started his journey at 400+ lbs. When he could no longer put on his shoes without getting winded he knew he needed to change. He’s lost 135 lbs in one year! Then, there is Devon. She’s been “bigger” her whole life. She has always battled her weight. She’s also a busy new mother with a full-time job, but knew she had to make time for her health. She was tired of the fad diets, weight loss pills, and yo-yoing, so she decided to do the 21 Day Fix. She lost 54 lbs and feels better than ever! Then there is my personal favorite: Jake. His story sounds like so many Americans: he was hooked on fast food and junk food. He couldn’t make it through his day without taking a nap after work, so he’d send his kids to the neighbors for some peace and quiet time. In six months, he took back control and lost 100 lbs! WOW. Now he is the father that he has always wanted to be! He is active, energized and living life to the fullest with his family! What is your excuse again? Oh wait… It’s invalid. YOU are capable. YOU are ready. YOUR TIME IS NOW. Message me to get started on your weight loss journey.

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