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Shift Shop Results Are In!!


I'm honestly BLOWN away by my #shiftshop results! Honestly, this is my tiniest and tightest pair of spandex. I never wear them because I pop out of the top of them. I figured they'd be a good gauge for my progress. And, I'm pretty IMPRESSED!!

The Shift Shop challenged me to my core. I had highs and lows throughout the last 3 weeks and on one day I just wanted to quit all together. But, thankfully, I had my amazing accountability group picking me up and encouraging me along when I needed it most!

The program focuses on “shifting” your MINDSET in order to transform your body - right up my alley. It’s a high intensity workout program with both strength and cardio workouts that has a lot of agility movements. The former athlete in me LOVES IT. Overall, I loved the workouts, even though week 3 was KILLER as we started 45 minute workouts. That's my maximum workout duration. I like to stay at 30 minutes. :)

The nutrition plan included portion controlled clean eating that changes week by week to optimize your results! Additionally, I’ve been using Energize pre-workout to fuel my workouts and I drink Shakeology daily to make sure I’m getting all the vitamins and nutrients that I need each day! Both are AMAZING and I can’t go a day without either.

The trainer, Chris Downing, was SPEAKING TO MY SOUL, y’all!! Beachbody got it right with him! He’s also silly and likes to sing words which is totally in my wheelhouse.

My results?! I dropped 6.6lbs and 9.7inches all together! Was it hard? YEP! Was it worth it? YEP!

Now, I'm taking on ROUND 2 where we will be following the month 2 calendar for Shift Shop! More results headed your way!!

I’ll be launching an exclusive group for people who want to do the #shiftshop with me once it launches, BUT I really want to get people going NOW so they learn healthy habits before going extreme with the Shift Shop. If you are interested in joining this group OR getting a copy of my #shiftshop meal plan, just shoot me an email!

Results vary based on starting point and effort. Results achieved in 21 days using Shift Shop with Shakeology and Beachbody performance supplements.

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