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Ready for a Little Bootay Lift?

Who is ready for a little 🍑 lift?! SCROLL down to see some amazing 80 day transformations!

Let me shoot ya straight, I've been trying to lift and shape my booty since last October. When I was asked to test out this "round booty, tight waist" program, I was like been there, tried that! There ain't no way you can get your booty transformed in 80 days... I mean, I was trying for months... But this program is LEGITTTTTTTT.

The exercises incorporated are designed to work your glute muscles with very little emphasis on your thighs (YAY!)- which means you aren't doing a ton of squats! If you think squats are going to grow your booty the way you want, you've been following the wrong IG account... just keeping it real.

Last year when I was trying to grow my butt, I researched how to get a big booty and little thighs and squats WERE NOT on the list (do your research!). When Autumn Calabrese told me this program involved very few squats, I KNEW I was in good hands!! I get so annoyed when people say "If you want a booty, just squat more" - UMMM, no, that's not your answer. End rant. 😉

Anyone who is ready to start shaping their booty with me now, I’m opening up my November group for 5 women or men that want to crush the preview of 80 Day Obsession (round booty, tight abs program) starting November 6th. We'll start with a 5 day preview of 80 Day Obsession, then transition into a program that will get you through the holidays and ready to rock the new year! First come, first serve with a limit of 5 NEW customers (and if we've already been talking about my groups, you have priority!) If you are ready to: ✔️ lose a little weight while toning the booty and abs ✔️ participating in the group daily ✔️ drinking a shake everyday ✔️ exercising for 30-45 minutes from home or gym ✔️ eating a portion controlled meal plan where I promise you won't starve!

Then shoot me a message or fill out the form in my bio!! Spots are limited and will fill very quickly, do you see these transformations?!

P.S. my friend in the green suit was the oldest woman in our test group at 46! 💪💪

Results vary based on starting point and effort. Results achieved in 80 days using 80 Day Obsession with Shakeology and Beachbody performance supplements.

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