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Trying To Conceive Honesty

Oh, hey look at that... It's a PIZZA BABY! Nope, not pregnant, folks! 🤣 Got your attention though...

Are you trying to conceive or did you have a hard time conceiving? If so, keep reading, I have a fun idea.

If you've been following my journey this year, then you know we've been trying to conceive for a year now. And, here's what I've learned... 1 👉 There are a TON of TTC support groups but most suck. It's mainly just women posting pictures of pregnancy tests trying to decipher if they are pregnant. Or in worse cases they post their ovulation sticks... 2 👉 I've recently started researching natural fertility diets and I'm learning a few interesting things. 3 👉 I really like hearing stories from women who struggled to get pregnant because it gives me hope and puts everything into perspective for me.

💡WHICH LEADS TO THE IDEA💡 I want to start a group that actually GIVES USEFUL INFORMATION about the fertility diet, fertility in general, health and fertility, AND also shares stories of HOPE for women who are TTC! Because, you know, I don't really want to look at someone else's pee sticks on my FB feed all day... I'm no expert or doctor but I'd love to learn and share with other women.

Anyways, I need a few things... 1 🙆 If you know someone trying to conceive, privately share this message with them so they can join the group if they want. It will be a few days before I add anyone bc I want to prepare a few things first. 😀

2 🙆If you or a friend (share please!) has a story about their challenges and SUCCESS with fertility, I'd love to hear it and PRIVATELY share it with the women in our Facebook group. I know I may be asking a lot, so I'm happy to share it anonymously in the group. Just think about how impactful and helpful YOUR story will be for women who are TTC.

We need your stories! You can submit them here:

Okay, that's it! I hope you'll share this on your page or with a friend so we can help give people HOPE in their own TTC journey. Thanks for sharing and letting your friends know! 😘😘

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