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Who's Ready to Lift That Boootay?

Remember that "shrink your waist, lift your boootayyy" program that I got to test out a few months back? Well, it's almost time for the OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF THE PROGRAM!!

You can finally get your hands on it too!! 🙆🍑And, yes, the sexy momma below is one of my bestie's, Kim and those are her results on the 80 day program. DAAYYYUUUMMMM GINNNAAA, am I right or what? Oh, yeah, she's 46.... YEP. As long as you have the right system, you can change your body no matter how old you are!

I am PUMPED! 🙌💪😀 My team and I are getting ready to rev up for this program with the pre-program workout calendar. If you are interested in learning more about this at-home (or gym) workout AND nutrition program, pop into my live video event next Sunday night! Just click "going" to stay up to date on details👉 or shoot me a message!

It's ALMOSTTTT TIMEEEEE!! Cannot wait to see more crazy results from people who complete this program with me!!

#GetGingerFit #fitness #itFam #mealplanning

Results vary based on starting point and effort. Results achieved in 80 days using 80 Day Obsession with Shakeology and Beachbody performance supplements.

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