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Four Tips for Diet Success

Four tips to kick the yo yo diet to the curb...

1) Find a nutrition plan that you can stick to for life!! If you know you can't ditch carbs forever, don't do a carb free diet! Lord knows I love my carbs and wine... 2) Find an exercise regimen that is flexible to your lifestyle! If your nearest gym is 40 minutes away and you know you dread the drive or the intimidating atmosphere, find an at-home workout system! 3) Get an accountability partner while you are building your habits! 4) Throw away your scale & focus on progress photos and measurements instead!

If you need help ditching the yo yo diet or losing those stubborn last 10lbs, hit me up! I've got a REALISTIC LIFESTYLE solution and I'll virtually coach you through it! I'll be the little cheerleader in your pocket! 💃😘👐

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