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Are you giving yourself your BEST effort? !

“You get an A for effort!’ Sound familiar? I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase before; you have probably even said it yourself. It’s a way of saying, ‘well, you tried your best’ when your efforts don’t produce the desired results.

What happens with this though, is that we could be missing out on our FULL potential. The whole ‘A for effort’ idea has led us to believe that if we just trythen that is good enough. And then if we don’t get the results, it was because it just didn’t work. Then we move on to try the next thing or just give up completely. It’s great to recognize efforts and progress. But does your effort match your goals? 🤔 Are you REALLY giving yourself your best effort? Are you sticking with it long enough and hard enough to reach those results? Because the truth is that the one thing that is always in your control is your own effort.

The term effort is defined as a “vigorous or determined attempt” or the “force exerted in a process.” So, the question is, how much effort are you giving to your health? Is it vigorous? Determined? Would you consider it a force? Or are you just going through the motions, maybe putting minimal effort to just maintain status quo?

I know these are some hard truths or realizations. But spring is all about growth, so it’s a great time to evaluate our own efforts with everything in life. This is a great exercise to do at least once a year and ideally with each season. If we are not regularly getting honest with ourselves about our goals and efforts for the season we are in (both in weather and in life), then we will get stuck and not ever improve or grow.

Here is how you can evaluate (and then elevate) your effort!

Rate each of these areas from 1-10 to see where you are currently at.

  1. Family / marriage

  2. Physical fitness

  3. Nutrition

  4. Sleep / rest

  5. Relationships / community

  6. Work / career

  7. Faith

  8. Home management

  9. Fun / adventure

  10. Mindset / personal development

Anything at 5 or below needs your immediate attention. Make a list or plan of how you will increase your effort in that area(s).

Anything from 6-8 is great, but be watchful that those efforts don’t decrease as you put more effort in other areas.

Anything rated 8-10 means that you are crushing it, and if need be, that is where some of your energy and effort should transfer over to your areas at 5 and below.

I know I needed to do this for myself. My Physical Fitness was in the needs attention now, I wasn't giving it my all. But that realization ignited the fire 🔥 in me again! So I wanted to share it with you If you find yourself a bit ‘stuck’ whether it be the winter slump or just life in general . 🥰 If you do it, please let me know and share what you are working on!

Psalm 128:2 says: “You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands; you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you.” God tells us in His word that our efforts will be rewarded. He commands us to work, and to work with excellence, putting our best effort into everything we do. With honest and hard-fought efforts, we will be fruitful and blessed! Honor our Creator with putting force your best force in this life He has given you!

I don’t share the hard truth about effort to make you feel bad about yourself. I share it to create a realistic perspective on life. If you are not getting the results you want, then you need to change your effort! That doesn’t just mean working harder, it also means working smarter, being more resourceful, getting support and becoming accountable. 👌

If you need those things in your life to be able to truly put forth your best effort, then my Self Love Studio is for you! If you are feeling the nudge and inspiration to elevate your efforts with your health and wellness, then now is the time!

Spring is on our mind and new life will soon grow. It’s the perfect time to grow in all areas of your own life too! Our Self Love Studio is set up and ready for another great month, focused on matching your efforts to your desired results. 👍 There’s limited spots available, so if you want to know more and chat about it, then message me ASAP! 💌

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