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Bigger, better belief = bigger, better success 💪

How many times have you tried to start a healthy lifestyle?

How many times have you quit before you even really got started?

I’ve been there. The constant roller coaster of starting, quitting and starting over. 🎢

Maybe you are there right now. Or maybe you’ve given up entirely, because you believe that it just doesn’t work for you. Everyone else must have something that you don’t have in order for it to work for them. 🤷‍♀️

And that’s true. They do have something you don’t. But it’s not what you think. It’s not a better metabolism, more willpower, more time, more money or better’s BELIEF.

Any success in life begins with belief. ✨ Belief that you are strong, capable, disciplined, worthy and equipped. It is the absolute most important part of starting any journey, and yet it is the most often overlooked.

We are either our own biggest critic or our own biggest cheerleader. Unfortunately, most of us naturally fall into the critic category, I know I spent far too many years in this category . 😢 So how can we create bigger and better belief in ourselves in order to move towards bigger and better success?

1- Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone was once a beginner. You can’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 10. All those people you are seeing with so much success, they had to begin somewhere too. It was probably with belief.

2- Don’t let past failures define future success. So you’ve started and stopped 100 times before. Or you’ve never reached your goals, or even started at all. Who cares? This is a new beginning with new belief.

3- Keep good company. Be careful who you surround yourself with, because they can be loud critics or cheerleaders too. Lean in to those who already believe in you and let it influence your own belief. Then mute those who bring you down.

4- Accept that you will fail. The road to success is paved with potholes, mountains, valleys, and plateaus. There will be mistakes and ‘failures’ but that doesn’t mean you aren’t still headed towards success. Believe from the start that those setbacks will help you grow.

5- Act as who you want to become. Self-fulfilling prophecy is a powerful thing because belief impacts behavior. If you believe you are a failure, then you will become that. But if you believe and act as if you are already successful, then you will have success.

It’s quite simple really...if at first you don’t succeed, believe! 😊

If you are struggling with the belief you need to get started and have real success this time, then my brand new BOD group Self Love Studio for May is right where you need to be! 😊 Committing to your health and happiness begins with belief. We are going back to the beginning and setting ourselves up with the proper mindset and confidence to follow through on our goals. We’re also focusing on the basics for fool-proof success. Simple daily habits make ALL the difference, that’s why we will make sure to establish daily schedules that move us toward success.

The Self Love Studio group starts soon! I have a lot to share and we have some amazing work to do. We're just getting prepped and ready to go, so there are a few spots left. Just message me on social or follow the link below if you are interested in one of them for yourself! 💌


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