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Ditch this ONE thing to enjoy summer 😎

Summer is almost here.☀️Are you excited? Or feeling a bit nervous?

Many people I’ve talked to recently are more nervous due to not feeling like they have a ‘summer-ready’ body or that they aren’t ready for the chaos and unpredictable schedules or all the holidays and campouts and other food-focused events. And that makes me sad. 😢

Summer is meant to be enjoyed! Even if you don’t think you have a bikini-body, you can enjoy the beach and pool. Even if things are a bit crazy and schedules are tough, you can embrace the busy moments. Even if there is a lot more junk food around, you can enjoy it in balance. It is totally possible to fully embrace the season if you can do just one thing...

Stop trying to be perfect. 🛑

This doesn’t just apply to summer, but to any season! Striving to be perfect or do things perfectly - like follow a diet perfectly or have the perfect schedule, perfect Instagram summer and perfect body - it’s robbing you of the joy in the present moment! Perfection is a lie. Don’t fall for it. Mamas, you only get 18 summers with your kiddos. Are you going to let the pressure of trying to make it perfect sabotage that precious time?

Here’s how to know if perfectionism is holding you back from being more present...

  • You are constantly starting over or re-doing something because it’s not done unless it’s perfect

  • You struggle to rest, take a break or say no to things

  • You beat yourself up after making a mistake and dwell on it for hours, days or even weeks

  • You procrastinate even starting something because you have to have the perfect plan first

  • You struggle with general stress and anxiety in many or all areas of life

  • You quit something when you make one mistake or it’s not working right away

  • You are constantly setting new goals and never stopping to celebrate accomplishments

  • You don’t like to try new or challenging things for fear of failure

  • You are very critical of yourself and your work

Any of these sound familiar? 🤔

Obviously all of us struggle with at least one of things, which is totally normal. But if you check off more than half of these boxes, then your perfectionism may be holding you back. Let go of the pressure to do and be all things and just enjoy your healthiest and happiness and most present life!

Are you ready to fully embrace summer? 😎 That’s what my next month Self Love Studio is all about! We are starting fresh for June and kicking off the summer season in a BIG way!

Let’s focus on being present, not perfect this season. That means enjoying all the summer fun with less stress and pressure. We’re tracking and focusing on progress and fighting the temptation of perfectionism. We’ll keep it simple with nutrition and daily routines to be fully present while staying healthy for all the summer things!

Our new Self Love Studio Group starts soon! ⏰If you’re ready to ditch the perfectionist mindset and focus on being more present this summer, then click below or message me on social. 📱We can chat about options and see if it’s the right fit for you!


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