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Are You Ready to Find More Balance & Joy?

It’s May. 🤯🤯🤯

If you’re anything like me, you’re drowning.

You’re drowning at work, because work never ends.

You’re drowning with family, because the kiddos are bouncing off the walls before summer break and all you want to do is sit outside in the sun with them.

You’re drowning at home, because the Spring cleaning still isn’t done, you’ve scheduled five barbecues to be at in the next two weeks, and you still have to bake for the potluck graduation party.

You’re drowning in your own self-care routine, because you so badly want your summer body back, but all the BBQ foods are full of butter, and you have absolutely NO time for self-care.

You’re drowning - and there is no balance in your life right now.

Just me? Anyone else this time of year?

Yes?! Then you’re going to want to keep reading about this new program, called Fire and Flow, which is specifically designed to bring more balance and joy into your life while helping you get in great shape. So if you’ve been asking yourself lately:

  • How can I possibly manage my stress levels this summer?

  • How can I continue to stay present with the ones I love?

  • How can I continue to improve my physical AND emotional health during this busy time?

All of these women were struggling with busy schedules, stress, and physical challenges too when they dove into this new program to help them find balance! Then they committed to the program and to themselves to transform their lives, both physically and emotionally, during life's overwhelming phases. Check out their stories…

You can see just how much these women changed physically and you can read how much they changed emotionally by enjoying the process!

So what program did they complete? It’s the new program coming to the BOD library called Fire and Flow!

What is the Fire and Flow program?

Fire and Flow is a 4-week program designed to bring more balance and joy into your life while helping you get in great shape.

For just 25–30 minutes a day, six days a week, you’ll alternate between Jericho’s intense FIRE workouts and Elise’s stress-reducing FLOW sessions.

This allows you to go hard, but at the same time have plenty of time to help you recover and rejuvenate. Jericho and Elise want you to work out, not burn out.

You’ll also be showing yourself some major love with the FIRE AND FLOW 4-Week Journal. Filled with 5-minute self-care prompts and a handy habit tracker, the journal is part inspiration, part creator of healthy routines.

Are you interested in learning more? Complete my Fire and Flow interest form below. I'll be in touch with more details to all who complete the interest form soon!


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