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How to Love Your Life Right NOW!

It’s the month of LOVE! 💕

As cliché as it is, we do tend to focus on love in all areas of our life during the month of February. It’s hard to avoid it, so we might as well as embrace it. My focus right now is trying to love the journey of life. I've been getting so wrapped up in an end result, or goal, in building my new business, that I tend to miss what is right in front of me in the moment. So, I am working on enjoying each day and the small wins and moments along the way to a successful launch AND a healthier + happier lifestyle. 🥰

Maybe you struggle with this too...almost wishing away the days until you end up at your destination. But then what? There will always be another destination. This is how we fall into "destination addiction," which is sabotaging our joy and love of life!

Destination addiction is defined as the belief that happiness only happens when you reach your goal or get to your destination. This is problematic, obviously, because it robs us of the joy in the here and now as we are constantly focused on what we’re working towards. It is also a problem, because most of us suffer from it in some form or another, probably without even realizing it. Here are some tips to keep yourself from falling into destination addiction, or to recover from it if you are currently experiencing it:

  1. Keep a daily gratitude list. Write down what you are already thankful for right now. What blessings are you ignoring that you need to acknowledge?

  2. Create a "love it" list. What is currently bringing you joy? Write down and recognize what you love about yourself and your life as it is right now.

  3. Stop comparing. No one’s life is perfect. Don't expect yours to be perfect because of seemingly "perfect" lives you see on social media. It only pulls you away from focusing on yourself.

  4. Be present in the moment. Get rid of the distractions, which even includes your goals sometimes. Put away the phone, work, and to-do lists and just BE. Enjoy your life!

  5. Celebrate small wins. You don’t have to wait until you get "there" to celebrate. Recognize the small wins along the way. And embrace the lessons you are learning.

Psalm 119:105 says: "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” As we walk along our journey of life, let us not forget to ask for and follow God’s guidance. Pray for his leadership along your journey and for contentment while you walk with him until we reach our eternal destination.

As we close out the first month of 2023, how are you feeling about your current goals and lifestyle? Are you loving your routine, feeling motivated, and feeling committed to any goals you set for the New Year? Or are you falling into destination addiction...feeling a bit behind and defeated if things didn’t quite start out the way you hoped? 🥹

Either way, my new February Self Love Studio bootcamp could be a great opportunity for you! 👏 You are not behind. There is still plenty of time to go after your goals and it’s never too late to create a healthy lifestyle.

IF you are currently crushing it, but doing it all alone, then the support and accountability and love can make all the difference. Especially as we get further into the year and motivation starts to wane. Health and fitness is a journey, with ups and downs, successes, and set-backs. So, come join us and learn to love the journey! 👣💞

We’ll be learning about aging, hormones, and styles of exercise to celebrate what works for YOU at your stage of the journey. Plus, we’ll chat about all the things to love about yourself, and others too! Find your motivation, love your body, and share your journey to help others in our private group. There is so much to love on the road to creating long-term changes.

Check out these progress pictures from women in my Self Love Studio who have already learned to embrace and love the journey of their health + wellness! We'll be working together towards results like these that are guaranteed (or your money back!)! These women committed to just 20-45 minute workouts for 4+ days per week, and then they got results like this:

I’m SO excited for this one, because this focus on the journey really speaks to my own personal experience! I can’t wait to get everyone plugged into my Self Love Studio for another great month. There is a spot with your name on it, if you want to claim it. 🤩 Are you ready to join in on this journey? Then just click the button below to apply NOW or send me a DM and we can chat about how to get started! 💌


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