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Are You Ready for MORE Lifting, MORE Reps, and MORE Sweat to Achieve MORE Results?!

Sooooooo, I definitely started the test group of this program with BIG goals! I’ve always needed big goals to push myself forward in my fitness. Because if you’re new here I do NOT necessarily enjoy working out…. 😬

Buuuuuuut, I know how important it is for myself and to start showing my twins WHY I push myself to workout. Because I do NOT workout as a punishment for eating food or because I’m trying to lose weight. I’m just trying to live a healthy lifestyle and reach the goals I’ve set for myself! 💪

But try as I might at the start of May, I just wasn’t able to push myself to those goals this Summer to complete this program the first time around…

Sound familiar? Does that sound like you?

  • Have you fallen off the wagon in your fitness routine, because life got in the way (aka kiddos, work, social events, etc.)?

  • Have you tried and failed and tried again to eat healthy, until it’s just a vicious cycle that falls apart every time you look at a cupcake?

  • Have you been alone in your health & wellness journey with no one to support you through your personal questions or celebrate your successes?

  • Has your mindset just been crushed with every tiny setback, causing you to feel overwhelmed and defeated?

Yes?! That all sounds like you?! Because even those of us with the best of intentions, still need help to achieve our goals!

So now I am PUMPED UP to try this program again with my community of women to help me through this, and so I can help them! My accountability group, called the Self Love Studio, is definitely my favorite part of staying on track with my own health & wellness!

So if you’re ready to push towards your goals WITH the empowering support of a community of like-minded women and WITH the 1:1 guidance of me as your coach WITH the power of Liift More to get you MORE results, then you’re going to want to keep reading! Liift More pumps up the volume of strength training, mixes in calorie-burning HIIT, and ends every workout with core moves designed to build muscle, lose weight, and get that shredded body in just 8 weeks.

So without further ado:

What is the Liift More program?

Liift More is for anyone who wants MORE! Let’s start with checking out some results of these women who all wanted MORE and they got MORE results! They committed to 35-45 workouts just 5 days per week for 8 weeks, and then they got results like this:

You can see just how much MORE these women changed physically and you can read how much MORE they changed mentally and emotionally by committing to the process! This is a true full-body program made for those who love to lift, and for those who want to learn how to love lifting.

To get the most variety and maximize the effectiveness of each move, you’ll need an adjustable bench — a real game-changer for your home gym that can help you see more results in less time.

But the simplicity of the moves is still at this program’s core — no-nonsense moves, perfectly paced, paired with the right combo of classic resistance training and HIIT to help YOU get results, whether this is your first go at strength training or you’re a seasoned lifter.

So, are you ready for MORE? Are you interested in learning MORE? Just complete my accountability group application below and I'll be in touch with MORE details asap!


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