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My New Business: For Women. By Women.

With International Women’s Day just behind us (March 8, 2022), I thought I’d finally sit down, punch fear in the face, and open up about my new business for women and by women. This new venture is coming late Summer 2022!

So without further ado, let me introduce you to: Posh On The Go! Posh On The Go is an app designed to bring beauty providers right to your door, on-demand or by appointment.

With International Women’s Day coming up, I figured it was the perfect time to tell you more about this business, because I truly want this to be a company for women, by women. This doesn’t mean men aren’t invited to use the app, be a provider within the app, or help build this company with me (they are!). However, entering into the field of technology, there is less female representation and it is mainly male dominated.

Which is why I want to build a company that gives women the opportunity to rise up in the technology world. At Posh On The Go, our mission is to break barriers in technology, business, beauty, and outdated societal stereotypes.

"A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” - Coco Chanel

We believe all women are multifaceted. Women can run businesses, have babies, and embrace our femininity, all while breaking through glass ceilings. In this, we hope to build a company that thrives on female leadership in the technology industry.

Our femininity is our superpower. We do not need to down our femininity to earn respect in the business world. How we choose to present ourselves should not take away any intellectual value that we offer. We are creating a culture where it is encouraged to be smart, ambitious, and sexy.

Women can have it all and be it all; we do not have to choose.

We intend to prove that through the growth of this company.

We are women and we do it all.

What was my inspiration for pursuing this new venture?

Okay, so it’s actually a very short story of my own personal experience that led me to creating Posh On The Go. I was in Florida in July 2021 hosting a business conference with five other ladies for over 300 people! It was super busy and I was running around everywhere with very little down time!

So on a Saturday, when it was time to wash my thick head of hair, I groaned. I didn’t want to take the time or energy to do it, instead I wanted to just CHILL and let someone else do the work. But I couldn't find anyone available and wasted tons of time on Google. Finally I did find a stylist available, but had to take an Uber back and forth from the appointment and waste time traveling when I could have been relaxing for a few extra minutes. It was all very annoying…

So then I thought to myself, “I wish I could have gotten on my phone and booked a stylist to come to my hotel!”

And with that idea, I decided to create an app that does exactly that: book beauty and spa services on location, on-demand, or by appointment!

I can tell you’re excited!

So let me tell you more about how Posh On The Go works. Think about it this way: Posh On The Go will provide a business opportunity much like Uber, Instacart, or DoorDash. But those providing the services will need to be licensed and certified in their beauty field. There will be strict requirements in place to upload proof and documents. Posh On The Go will only work with credible providers.

Our main goals with Posh On The Go are to:

  • Serve our beauty clients with luxurious, convenient treatments at the tap of a button. We aim to create an easy way to find and book professional beauty providers in your area, that bring an environment of relaxation and expertise right to your door.

  • Give beauty providers the opportunity to create independent, successful, and highly lucrative businesses that offer flexibility and freedom in life.

Our clients will be able to enjoy luxury experiences wherever they are at their own convenience. So the mom of five without childcare can book an appointment at her home for a pedicure. Or the jet-setting business woman can make time for a massage at her hotel. Or the bride-to-be can schedule a session of pampering for all her bridesmaids out of state.

Our beauty providers will be able to build a business quickly and at their own convenience, as well. So the brand new stylist can start to build her portfolio and clientele list with on-demand appointments. Or the new mom can return to work on a new schedule she creates. Or the business woman with wanderlust can travel anywhere she wants while continuing to work her beauty business.

The possibilities are endless!

This has nothing to do with health and wellness!

Don’t panic! I will not be leaving my current business anytime soon. I absolutely love coaching and mentoring new coaches in health and wellness, and I plan to continue doing it for years and years to come! So let me tell you why my heart has been pulled in this new direction…

First, I recognize that there is absolutely no reason for me to build Posh On The Go. My life is very comfortable right now and I cannot imagine it being any more perfect. This new venture is definitely more risky than anything for me and my family. While I am in awe of everything God has brought into my life already, I know that I’m stepping into an industry that is over my head.

This endeavor is so far out of my comfort zone and areas of expertise. I personally do not have the capability to do this. Period. So if you’re doubting me right now, know I’m doubting myself too.

BUT, I do not doubt God and his potential within me. I know that through Him anything is possible and I don’t have to have all the answers, know everything, or figure it all out on my own. I know that I simply need to have faith that He’ll provide what I need. With that belief at the forefront of my ever-doubting mind, I’m taking a big leap of faith into the unknown.

How can you support this business for women, by women?

Well first off, at Posh On The Go, we have tons of work to do! We know we are not the only ones in this space of on-demand beauty apps, however the technology and global audience isn’t there yet. We hope to come in and do this differently, with higher quality experiences by our providers at an unmatched level of luxury.

We have a huge vision for this company, but we cannot do it alone. So can I ask you for a favor that would help us greatly? Would you please:

  1. Subscribe at

  2. Share this blog post or our Posh On The Go website through your own social media and with your friends.

We have a lot of work to do but, currently, we're on track to launch by late Summer 2022. Before then, we'll be working with beauty providers and clients in multiple cities to make sure we're bringing the best quality technology and services to your area.

Are you super excited about the opportunities this will provide you?! Comment more below!

Here's to creating a more beautiful 2022, filled with pampered appointments and luxurious treatments!

Thank you for your support!! As I head into this I know if it amounts to anything it'll be because of Him. I'm in way over my head, but, thankfully, my God walks on water.

"Live a life that can be explained only by the existence of a God who is infinitely great.” - Steven F.


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