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This ONE thing could be keeping you from your goals

Spring is in the air. Can you feel it?! 😊

This time of year is all about new life, new growth, new beginnings and fresh starts! 🥰 I love spring time and am definitely feeling all those things. Are you?

Or are you feeling stuck? Maybe struggling to get over the winter blues? Feeling like nothing ever sticks so why bother starting? 😔 I have been there before too. It has taken me years of working on myself to get to a growth mindset and develop a lifestyle that lasts.

You may be stuck in a fixed mindset, like many people are and like I once was myself. What is the difference and why does it matter?

A GROWTH mindset creates freedom in your life.

Someone with a growth mindset is...

  • Inspired by others’ success

  • Motivated to learn new skills and knowledge

  • Perseveres through failures and roadblocks

  • Willing to put in effort and face challenges

  • Open to criticism in order to get better

A FIXED mindset only creates limitations in your life.

Someone with a fixed mindset is...

  • Threatened by others’ success

  • Not interested in or feels unable to learn new things

  • Likely to give up easily when things get hard

  • Resistant to take on challenges or exert great effort

  • Not open to criticism and feels attacked by it

Which one are you? It can be a tough realization. If you are in a fixed mindset, that could be the one thing holding you back from all your goals. But you are not stuck in that mindset! You just need to decide to open up and move into a growth-oriented attitude. 🌱

Are you open to growing? 🌱 Do you believe in your ability to learn, to do better and to fight through failure? It’s all in your mindset and attitude! 🧠 Success comes from your effort, not innate talent. You can learn the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve your goals. Failure only means you are learning, not that you can’t do it! And feedback helps you get there. 👍

My new Self Love Studio for April has all that and more! If you realized you are stuck in a fixed mindset and are ready for growth, this is your opportunity to grow! Winter is over and it’s warming up! Since it’s growing season, get ready to grow in all areas of life – personal development, nutrition, sleep, exercise and more. Let’s boost our mood, mindset and muscles for that spring glow-up! 🌷 We’re taking advantage of the brighter days with earlier mornings and more fresh food. Plus, taking care of our gut health and tips for emotional eating. Let’s get ready to grow and glow together!🙌

Even if you are not feeling stuck and just want to take it up a notch, there is always room for more growth and improvement. Wherever you are with your life and health, there is a spot for you to come grow and glow with us! ✨

Our Self Love Studio group is starting soon! I have so much to share and I can’t wait to see what kind of growth and glow-up happens. I have several clients plugged in and ready to go, but there a few limited spots left. Just message me or reply back to chat more about it! 💌


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