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Too tired to focus? 🥱

It’s the last month of summer. Has this busy and unpredictable season left you feeling a bit scattered and chaotic? Totally normal! I think we are all feeling a bit out of focus. 😬

Struggling to do your normal daily tasks?

Feeling restless?

Having a hard time remembering things?

Struggling to make decisions?

Feeling fuzzy or foggy?

Lacking energy?

Making careless mistakes?

Missing meetings or appointments?

Forgetting to do important things?

Losing things a lot more often?

These are all things that happen when we lose focus and struggle to concentrate! And you can probably guess that it is not good for our mental, emotional or physical health. 😔 If you are saying “yes, that’s me!” right now, it’s time to get focused! 🔎

Improving your concentration and clearing up all these issues requires a total-wellness approach. Eating well, getting good sleep, supplementing where needed, moving your body, drinking water – these are not just for losing weight or looking good. These are essential lifestyle habits for living a focused and full life!

If you are not motivated by wanting to look great, then let feeling great be your motivation! 😊 Be more intentional about your daily health habits and lifestyle to get focused, get more done, feel more in control and have more peace and clarity in your life.

Are you ready to Feed Your Focus?! That’s the theme of my Self Love Studio for August! Let’s get focused and stay focused! It’s time to dial in on total wellness–mind, body and soul. See how your health changes with hyper focused food choices and workouts. We’re putting purpose behind our plans and boosting productivity. We’ll also starve out noisy distractions to truly focus on what we feed our minds and our families with our valuable time and energy.

As always with all my groups, you get daily advice and tips, healthy recipes, tracking sheets, bonus resources and more! If what you are doing isn’t working, you might just need more intention and focus. Living healthy doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when you have the right tools and support. It just requires focus and commitment!

If that all sounds like something you need in your life, enrollment is open! Just send me a DM or click the link below. 💌 I am so excited to get hyper-focused on whole health and I can’t wait to see who will be joining me!


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