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What is a Cleanse, Really?

I scoffed at it. I was a skeptic. I swore I would never try the 3-week cleanse: Ultimate Reset.

I had completed the 3-Day Refresh a few times, because I viewed only three days as something to jump-start my healthy habits. I enjoyed the three days, but also really enjoyed returning to my usual, healthy nutrition plan that included carbs and wine and sweets.

I said I would never try the full 21-day Ultimate Reset, because of what I thought it was…

You think you know what a cleanse is, right?

I thought the Ultimate Reset was all about deprivation, starvation, and vanity. I assumed you had to follow an unrealistic, all-liquid diet for three weeks. I thought this program, that was only 21 days long, was being promoted as another long-term nutrition program, which I didn’t agree with at all.

For me, a cleanse brought up all these visions of disgusting juices that run right through your system. I envisioned going to bed hungry every day for 21 days. I imagined myself as a vain Valley Girl once completing the cleanse. None of that appealed to me or sounded remotely sustainable. Yuck!

Haven’t you thought of some of these things, too?

But then I hit a low point in my life and I found myself in a rut that I couldn’t bring myself out of - physically or emotionally. So I started to do some more research about what the Ultimate Reset really was…

Let me tell you what I discovered about this cleanse.

When learning more about the Ultimate Reset program I found out what really happens during those 21 days and what was actually expected of me.

First, I realized how much support I would be given during the 21 days. I would have an entire booklet mapping out my grocery lists, my meals & recipes, my supplements, and my schedule of what to eat & when. I got every single supplement as part of my package for the full three weeks. And, I had my coach plus a community of women, who had already tried this reset, cheering me on throughout it. With all the positive reviews and comments about how the cleanse made them feel, I couldn’t wait to feel the same! I was not left alone feeling hungry or emotionally stressed about following this correctly.

Second, I discovered the main goal of the Ultimate Reset. The main goal is not weight loss! While this is often a significant side-effect throughout the course of these three weeks, this is not the main goal (what a relief to realize I wouldn’t become a vain Valley Girl!). The main goal of the Ultimate Reset is to reclaim your body’s natural balance and to restore the digestive system. I realized that after years of hormone therapy and infertility medication, my body desperately needed to be rebalanced for optimal function.

Finally, I noticed I was right about something! This program is not meant to be a realistic lifestyle change. These three weeks are meant to be a reset only and they were going to be intense! I’d need to remove dairy, wine, coffee, tea, and red meat within the first week. The second week would be fully vegan (terrifying for this carnivore!). The third week would focus on adding nutrients, enzymes, and pre & probiotics back into my body through clean eating and the provided supplements.

A cleanse is not about deprivation, starvation, and vanity. A cleanse is about whole foods, reclaiming your body, and feeling your best!

Not everyone should complete a cleanse.

Many people stopped reading this post after the sentence “weight loss is a significant side-effect throughout the course of these three weeks,” and rushed to email me about starting this program. They ignored the stressed sentence before that “weight loss is not the main goal!”

If you are looking for a program solely to lose weight, then I do not suggest this cleanse for you. I have no doubts about your will-power to complete the intense program, but most people looking to lose weight quickly have been yo-yo dieting for years. I speak from personal experience! And after completing this cleanse they will gain back all the weight they lost.

Why? Because this program is not a sustainable lifestyle nutrition plan!

I even try to continue eating exactly like I did during the cleanse beyond the three weeks. That is simply not sustainable long-term. We all have parties to attend in life, temptations that come calling, and food to enjoy! I will always try to help you build habits that you can sustain for life, but this cleanse is just a small part of that journey, and should be viewed as such.

Should I complete the cleanse?

So if you’re still reading this post and are looking for a program that aligns with the main goals of the Ultimate Reset (to reclaim your body’s natural balance and to restore the digestive system), then this might be for you!

Personally, I already mentioned how I had reached a low-point in my life before this program. I was running from the pain of depression and that was my motivation to start the cleanse. I was already living a sustainable healthy lifestyle. I didn’t need to lose any weight. I had already shifted my mindset to appreciate everything my body does. But I was still stuck…

I also was beginning to have some physical side-effects of my mental and emotional state, such as daily headaches, fatigue, brain fog, and emotional changes that I couldn’t control after becoming a mom.

I know that what we eat and how we take care of our bodies has a big impact on how we feel. So I decided to take the plunge and dive into three intense weeks of resetting my body and mind.

And you are probably ready to take the plunge too if you are already living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, but need to push a reset button in your life!

But what about exercise?

This is a question I get frequently about the cleanse. You see me on social media completing my workouts five times per week or more! It’s part of my sustainable, healthy lifestyle!

During the cleanse, however, there is no strenuous exercising. Every day during the cleanse you consume a limited amount of calories that cannot support a regular workout routine. Yoga and walking are about the only workouts you need, or should be doing during these three weeks.

My takeaways from the 3-week Ultimate Reset.

After my 21 days I felt like a MAGICAL UNICORN! That sounds dramatic, but I promise you it isn’t. The cleanse reset my emotions and mental viewpoints more than anything during the program, and I could not have been more thankful! It was exactly what I needed at that moment in my life.

Seriously, I did feel like a magical unicorn. I was in awe of how those nutritional changes made me into a productive person. I organized my entire house, made my bed every day, and adopted a skin care routine! Those were all things I’d been saying I was going to do for five years. And then I finally had the energy, motivation, and positive emotions to do them!

I still had physical changes that surprised and delighted me too! Check out my results video below!

This cleanse changed me in the best way possible. I’d love for you to feel this way too! I’m doing the cleanse again starting on February 14th, 2022. If you would like to do the cleanse alongside me, in my VIP group, fill out this form to learn more details or shoot me an email with the subject line “RESET TODAY!”


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