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5 Ways to Have More Harmony in Your Life

You may or may not be excited to know this, BUT the holidays are coming. 🤯

Sure, the holidays are fun and all (especially with the twins this age 😍), BUT they’re also super stressful! It can definitely be a love-hate relationship. BUT no matter how you feel about them, the hustle and bustle and busyness of the holidays will be here before you know it...

So the question is, are you ready for the holiday season?

If not, and you’re anxious about the stress and chaos of the holidays - and how they impact your physical, mental and emotional health - then I’ve got good news. You still have time to prepare yourself.

There are things you can start focusing on right now, so you can have a better handle on all the stress that comes with the holiday season. How would it feel to have harmony through the holidays this year?! Start preparing yourself NOW, so you are in a more peaceful and harmonious state of mind and life when things get crazy!

So without further ado....

5 Ways to Have more Harmony In Your Life:

1. Make time for you.

Be intentional about reserving time just for you. Lock yourself in your room for a nap, or just for some peace & quiet. Take yourself out for a coffee. Watch your favorite show or read your book. Do a devotional or talk to God. Spend time on your favorite hobby. Go for a walk, run, or finish a workout. Just do SOMETHING that recharges you and brings you joy each and every day!

2. Set boundaries.

You definitely need to get in the habit of this now, before all the family drama of the holidays. 🙄 Be ok with saying no! If something is too much, you can stay home. If there are people that mistreat you, that you don’t enjoy being with and don’t make you feel good, then you don’t have to spend time with them. Period. Protect your time, energy and emotions. 💜

3. Focus on the present.

Try not to stress so much about all the planning and to-dos. Be intentional about where you are right now and who you are with. You can’t change the past so stop over-analyzing it. And you can’t predict or control the future so don’t worry about. Ground yourself in what is happening in the current moment and feel and experience it fully.

4. Forget about perfection.

This applies to life all the time (listen to this all you mommas out there!), but especially for the holidays. Don't put pressure on yourself or your family for things to go perfectly according to plan. There’s no such thing as perfection, and striving for it will only make you feel more stressed and defeated. Put in your best effort, and that’s the best you can do. This one takes practice to master and let go. So start NOW!

5. Don’t compare.

Stop trying to live up to social media standards (trust me - so much of it is fake!). Don’t get caught up in all the picture-perfect memories, matching outfits, Pinterest-worthy home, or elaborate homemade meals and goodies. Those are people’s highlight reels and you can’t compare your everyday life to a few moments of someone else’s life. If you really need some hard-core holiday décor inspo, check out my IG video here. 😜

And remember most of all that God wants you to live a harmonious life too! Turn to His word and pray for His peace that passes all understanding. Ask him for more happiness and harmony in your life and for you to spread that to others!

“So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding.” - Romans 14:19

Craving more health & harmony in your own life? Then good news!

I would never just leave you hanging to do all of this on your own! I actually have a group starting next month (October 2022), designed specifically to help you create more health and harmony in your life! Because I think we could all use a bit more of that, especially since the countdown is on for the holiday season.

So the theme for my next bootcamp in my Self Love Studio for October is Harvesting Health & Harmony!

This time of year it’s more important than EVER to establish that work-life balance; balancing taking time for you versus giving everything you have to others, AND balancing whole health so we don't go all in on just one aspect & ignore the rest. We'll also work on managing the expectations we place on ourselves and others! That one's SUPER important this time of year.

I have a whole community of women in this group planting seeds, to reap a beautiful harvest together this Fall. Because you know what’s even better than reaching your goals?! Reaching them alongside others!

Check out some of the results I've been getting alongside my challengers in my bootcamp! 🤯 These women have all achieved these results (including me!) by working out 20-45 minutes per day and following a nutrition plan that fits their own personal lifestyles and goals! We'll work together to figure out the best programs for YOU when you apply!

Now that I've spent some time getting back on track with my own health and wellness this September, I'm ready to stay in the zone with you to focus on harvesting more harmony in my life. This will be a serious focus for me, so I really hope you'll join me in the journey. And I'll continue my healthy routines to solidify them back into habits this October too. You're capable of doing all of this too! I'll show you how! 😉

If you’re ready to sow seeds of health, happiness, harmony and community...then you belong in my Self Love Studio! Complete my application below OR send me a DM on Instagram and we can chat more! 💌


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