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Ready to shine bright this summer?

We’re full blown into summer ☀️ Are you embracing it?

Or are you struggling to feel as bright and sunny inside as it is outside?

If you are the latter, you are not alone. In fact, 85% of people report struggling with self-confidence issues at some point in their lives. 😔 I guess that is not surprising since we are constantly being marketed to with products to make us look and feel better or meet a societal standard. Then there are the highlight reels of social media and influencers telling you what to buy or do to have the ‘perfect’ life like them. All that makes it really hard to feel confident and have healthy self-esteem.

It may take some intentional effort, but it is not impossible to have higher confidence and self-esteem this summer! And it is definitely worth the effort, because your self-esteem affects your health and life in so many ways.

  • Difficulty with relationships

  • Reduced performance at work or school

  • Turning to unhealthy coping strategies

  • Binge eating or disordered eating

  • Feelings of depression and anxiety

  • Unhealthy behaviors with negative health outcomes

  • Poor stress management and emotional regulation

Let’s do our best to shine bright this summer, for both our mental and physical health! ✨ Feel free to message me what you are struggling with, I’d love to support you the best I can. We can do it together! 💞

Are you ready to step into your sunshine and feel amazing this summer, inside and out?! That’s what my next Self Love Studio is all about! We are just about to kick off a brand new theme for July. 😁

Brighten up your life and health with summer fun, simple healthy foods and time in the sun. Stay shining with tips to manage unpredictable schedules and master your mornings. Plus, we’re creating our own sunshine to step into summer with more confidence!

As always with all my groups, you get daily advice and tips, healthy recipes, tracking sheets, bonus resources and more! Living healthy doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when you have the right tools and support.

Our new Self Love Studio starts soon. If you’re ready to brighten up your life and health this summer, then let’s chat! Just click below or message me on social.📱We can go over options and see if it’s the right fit for you!


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